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ITU Co-design team goes to Japan

… and creates news on Danish TV2 channel.



New book: Ageing, Ingenuity & Design

This first offering, in a series of anthologies examining examples of ageing, ingenuity and design throughout the world includes offerings from Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Recognising the critical importance for autonomy and independence throughout one’s life is the cornerstone to increasing overall life quality through design. The universal need for inclusive solutions for all of the aspects of everyday life is a matter of deliberate design – the shared global goal of achieving content, healthy, and meaningful later life has become the critical challenge of our time. The book is co-edited by Dr. Yanki Lee, director of our Lab and Dr. Patricia Moore, mentor of the Lab.

You can download a pdf of the book here. (ISBN:978-988-12325-6-4)

The Danish contribution:
Stald-Bolow, N. R., Malmborg, L., Brandt, E. & Foverskov, M. 2015. Everyday Ageing in Copenhagen. In:  Ageing, Ingenuity & Design: International Cases Collection 2015. Lee, Y. & Moore, P. (red.). Hong Kong: Desis Network, s. 122-129 8 s.

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Give & Take proposal accepted 2nd October!

Our AAL EU project proposal Give & Take has passed the evaluation. The evaluation report is – among other nice things – stressing the innovative approach using Design Laboratory for co-design, LivingLab and Open Community approaches for user involvement. As the project coordinator I will not be bored for the next couple of years.

Proposal for AAL joint program submitted

GIVE & TAKE: Designing a reciprocal exchange service for a good and engaged senior life

Coordinator: IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)
Duration: 36 months
Keywords: ICT platform, co-design, collaborative networks, service exchange, active aging, social engagement, life quality, social innovation

In the Give&Take project, research organisations, SMEs, end-user organisations, and end-users co-design a reciprocal exchange for a good and engaged senior life. Through engaging senior citizens, the service addresses a major market opportunity and also releases an unexploited societal potential for solving tasks predominately under the public sector realm. Behind the need and opportunity are strong societal macro trends as well as documented positive effects of seniors’ prolonged professional activity and voluntary work. The technological solution is a state-of-the-art advancement of enabling ICT interfaces for mobile and tablet formats, including networking tools supporting social innovation. Give&Take empowers seniors, by improving occupational lifestyle through a reciprocal exchange-service to maintain societal engagement as a key to mental, social and physical fitness. The Give&Take service offers a platform for knowledge and experience transfer by making skills and competencies visible in local communities. Target users are seniors in their early seniority, currently often in the transition and void between an active work life and retirement. Intensive end-user participation, including primary, secondary and tertiary segments is ensured throughout the project’s duration through a mixed methods approach, including ethnographic techniques of observations and interviews, focus groups, cultural probes, LivingLabs and Open Community Labs taking place in both Denmark and Austria. The business model foresees revenue derived from marketing the platform and its services to business partners such as municipalities, senior associations and companies, who aim to engage and empower senior citizens and reach their untapped potential inside communities and organisations. Customers are partners interesting in hosting or sponsoring a service exchange platform through which they can invite citizens to engage in service exchange activities against a monthly license fee.