Lone Malmborg_W4Y5446I am an Associate Professor and head of Digital Design Department at the IT University of Copenhagen. I am a member of the Interaction Design Research Group. I hold a MSc in Computer Science and Danish Literature and Language from Roskilde University 1990. In 1995 I received a PhD in Computer Science / Informatics from Copenhagen Business School.

My current research focuses on interaction design in the area of welfare technology, and more specifically design related to social aspects of ageing. 2014 to 2017 I am the scientific coordinator of the EU/AAL project Give&Take – Designing a reciprocal exchange service for a good and engaged senior life. Recently, I participated in two research projects SeniorInteraction, and the LevVel Mødestedet also focusing on design in the area of ageing. My future research agenda generally focuses on Interaction Design for a Good Life.

I was a co-editor of Digital Creativity 1998-2015. Further, I was an appointed member of the Danish Disability Council 2011-2015. My agenda here was to work for co-design and participation when designing services and technology in the area of disability and rehabilitation.

Before joining ITU, I developed and headed a study program in interaction design at Malmö University, K3, Sweden and established and headed the research group Creative Environment at K3.


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